Monday, December 18, 2006

"Person of the Year" - Cop Out

Lame. Lame. Lame. Can't actually find anyone worth making person of the year, well, make it everyone.

Congratulations! You are the Time magazine "Person of the Year."

The annual honor for 2006 went to each and every one of us, as Time cited the shift from institutions to individuals - citizens of the new digital democracy, as the magazine put it. The winners this year were anyone using or creating content on the World Wide Web.

"If you choose an individual, you have to justify how that person affected millions of people," said Richard Stengel, who took over as Time's managing editor earlier this year. "But if you choose millions of people, you don't have to justify it to anyone."

What a crock. Imagine having to actually work to find someone and justify their naming.

They would have done better just to have had an online poll, at least that way they could blame the cattle, uh, people who voted.


BobG said...

I just want to know, where do I go to pick up my prize?

Nylarthotep said...

Heh. Good one.