Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Obama Nausea

Not nausea related to Obama himself, but more for the fauning and breathless admiration for him. Frankly, he hasn't presented his position on much of anything and the crowds seem to be going into convulsions every time he shows up at a democratic event.
Barack Obama-mania landed in New Hampshire over the weekend, when the man many have the audacity to hope will bring the Democrats the presidency in 2008 paid a visit to the site of the first Presidential primary. A fundraiser for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, originally intended for about 500 people, sold more than 1500 tickets to people from 13 states — and that didn't include the more than 100 reporters who showed up. Seven hundred came to another event to hear Obama speak and sign copies of his best-selling book. "It harkens back to RFK," said Lou D'Allesandro, a New Hampshire state senator, "all of the new people coming out. And this phenomenon is country-wide."
RFK? Next he'll be the new JFK. And from the looks of how the cattle are fainting away every time he shows up, I don't doubt he's getting the same reactions. Just what we need, another president voted in based on his looks and carisma rather than on his abilities.
And his audiences were not disappointed. "He was so inspiring," said Sarah Blodgett, a 30-year-old who drove 30 minutes from her Massachusetts home to attend an Obama book signing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. "He had me on the verge of tears. No politician has been this eloquent and this personable in years."
Cattle. "Verge of tears?" Sweet Brighid give me strength.

I saw the film footage on the news of Obama in Portsmouth, and as usual, the politicians always seem to choose the worst part of the square to stop. Why can't they move to the big part of the square in front of the church. They always seem to stand right where the three incoming roads converge. It's the smallest part and has the most traffic, and frankly the frig up the whole place. I always hated having to deal with this crap when I lived there. Now I'm just happy I don't have to.

Well, let's hope Obama is more substance than looks. No doubt the cattle will follow along irrespective of that, but one can hope.

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