Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sheehan Again the Voice of Unreason

I wasn't going to even mention this, but every time she opens her mouth I'm astounded at what crap falls out. This is what she had to say after her trespassing conviction where she got a little scolding and told to go home.
"We should never have been on trial in the first place," Sheehan said in a statement after the verdict. "It's George Bush and his cronies who should be on trial, not peaceful women trying to stop this devastating war. This verdict, however, will not stop us from continuing to work tirelessly to bring our troops home."
Devastating? How is this devastating? The US has used incredible levels of restraint unseen on any battle field anywhere at any time. Devastating? No likely.
The women, calling their campaign "Women Say No To War," had hoped to give the petition to Peggy Kerry, the mission's liaison for non governmental organizations and sister of Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, as they had in 2005.

Peggy Kerry refused to meet with the women in the presence of Sheehan and the media. She testified that the presentation seemed like a publicity stunt.

Publicity stunt? You don't say.
The women ignored police orders to leave and were reading the petition aloud on the sidewalk when officers arrested them. The women sat on the sidewalk and were carried to patrol wagons.

The women asked for an apology yesterday when they returned to the US Mission and resubmitted the petition.

No report here on whether they received any apology, but frankly, I don't see why anyone would. They acted like dingbats and were treated as such. If you or I had done this I'm betting we'd have gotten a lot more of a fine or time.
They were met by Peggy Kerry and Richard A. Grenell, the mission's director of external affairs, who said the women apparently were unable to find the original petition and handed over a document bearing 32 signatures.
That's just precious. They lost the petition. Everyone say it with me. LOSER!

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