Thursday, December 28, 2006

NRA Cracked Graphic Novel

This is weird, though it does look real. I'm wondering if it isn't an escapee of a draft version of their most recent propaganda line.
In short: Wonkette posted jpeg scans from a digital copy sent in by an anonymous tipster. Elsewhere, some at Daily Kos and a popular gun law forum (and, for a while, me) expressed doubts over authenticity (c'mon, it was so far-out! lobsterrorists!). Then, Wonkette shared the original doc with BoingBoing (PDF link), a Wonkette commenter determined it appears to have been illustrated by Chris Gall, and everyone agreed -- not a hoax (though we're still awaiting response from the NRA). Here's a link to the updated BoingBoing post with embedded blog-drama, and there are fresh posts at Wonkette (Link), Kos (Link) and the CA-CCW forum (Link). And below -- readers say Adobe Reader reveals what are apparently hidden notes from the NRA assigner to the illustrator.
You can look at it yourself. I'm not particularly impressed by the commentators on the topic. It's kind of funny to see many of the loons calling others loony. Like these comments that must be intended to be humorous, but no doubt will be posed by many as serious.
IMAGE: Brochure excerpt. Guns will protect you from tsunamis. Who knew?
And the lobsterrorist thing. Funny if you stick with the humor, but I'm going to bet that the spin of the gun grabbers won't stop there.

I'm betting this is completely real. The NRA does definitely get out of touch with reality periodically.

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