Thursday, April 27, 2006

United 93

This film further reminds us of the nature of the enemy we face. An enemy who will stop at nothing to achieve world domination and force a life devoid of freedom upon all. Their methods are inhumane and their targets are the innocent and unsuspecting. We call this conflict the "War on Terror." This film is a wake-up call. And although we abhor terrorism as a tactic, we are at war with a real enemy and it is personal.

May the taste of freedom for people of the Middle East hasten victory. The enemy we face does not have the word "surrender" in their dictionary. We must not have the word "retreat" in ours. We surely want our troops home as soon as possible. That said, they cannot come home in retreat. They must come home victoriously. Pray for them.

A brief review of the film by Todd Beamer's dad. Well said. Let's hope most Americans feel this way, and that this film reminds those who might be moving toward complacency that we can't afford to falter; we're going to need clear-eyed determination for a long time to come.

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