Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Algore's Academy Award

The Academy Awards have proven themselves to be a farce ever since Michael Moore won the Oscar for Documentary. But now they have a chance to really put all contention, to the contrary, to a final end.
"The talk in Hollywood circles is that [Gore's movie] is textbook Oscar-bait," reports Canada's National Post.

Hollywood blogger Jeffrey Wells is convinced that the film is the odds on favorite to win the best feature documentary Oscar in March, 2007.

"It may or may not emerge as the year's finest doc," writes Wells on hollywood-elsewhere.com. "But what it says is so damned important . . . and it makes its case so persuasively that any Academy member with a smidgen of concern about the perils of global warming is going to want to give it the Oscar so that more people browsing in video stores will be inclined to rent or buy it."

I'm certain that it's on par with documentary study with Michael Moore as well.
Gore himself predicted earlier this month that if the U.S. doesn't stop global warming, "we will destroy the habitability of the planet."
Does anyone actually think this documentary will have a balanced discussion of the topic? Is there any doubt that the US is going to be cast as the villain? Should anyone have any expectations that the alternative causation theories will be completely ignored?

Of course, Michael Moore has his film "Sicko" coming out this year. But I find it unlikely that he'll get the nod since he was saddled with so much blame for Kerry's losing the presidency. Not that his movie will be any less distortive of the facts than Algore's to push a political issue.

Algore has slowly wandered into the fever-swamp of the far left. Next thing you know he'll be joining ELF and blowing up refineries or burning down car dealerships.


Granted said...

Oh well, it'll give us an excuse to get a brandy new television after I put my foot through the one we currently own when AlGore get's his Oscar.

RC said...

I think that this al gore movie could be kind of interesting, i'll feel better about the buzz when i watch it for myself.

--rc of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Danny Haszard said...

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