Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ID Debate at TCS

It starts with a rather odd article by Douglas Kern. Odd in that he has some cogent points, but can't resist falling into name calling. The point of the article is on why ID will be taught as science in the USA.

Next is Max Borders who writes to point out the fallacy of Kern's points.

Lastly, Robert McHenry provides an overview of how the debate should be viewed.
I should like to try to reestablish some truths that ought to govern the debate over ID but that have regularly been ignored or obscured or falsified.
He makes a very clear description of the field of science.


Tom said...

Thanks for the link to the McHenry article. He makes a point I've tried to get across to IDers over and over. I hope he's more successful than I've been.

Granted said...

So, in short, this guy is arguing that anti-science & stupidity are going to win? Yikes!

Granted said...

Great rebuttle's... Although it was mainly the "night of bliss with Selma Hyak" that stuck in my brain... Oooh, Selma...