Monday, May 22, 2006

Yugoslavia's Final Fracture

Not really surprising that Montenegro has decided to break away from Serbia. Though from the numbers it looks like it's pretty close.
Montenegrin voters Endorsed a plan to split from Serbia and make the Adriatic Sea nation an independent state in the final breakup of the former Yugoslavia, preliminary data shows.

Independence was supported by 55.4 percent of voters, according to preliminary results by the state Referendum Committee. It said 44.6 percent of voters backed a continued link to Serbia. A 55 percent majority was required for adoption.

Serbia hasn't exactly been helpful in cleaning up the issues with the dissolution of the former communist country. Not to mention all those little country's desire to get into the EU.

The Montengrin's aren't exactly playing nice either.
Montenegro has offered to preserve the free flow of people with Serbia and offer Serb citizens, who make up 32 percent of the population, all rights except the right of vote. Serbs living in Montenegro would be able to choose between Montenegrin and dual citizenships, according to the Montenegro government's April 13 decision.
Seems a shoddy deal to me. I suppose we'll be seeing some new violence because of this. Though I doubt that Serbia will try to strong arm Montengro.

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