Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Moronic Gun "Buy Back"

Get this:

One day after two street shootouts, organizers of the city's gun-surrender program announced they had collected 205 firearms but would extend the program until the end of May.

Churches, non-profit organizations and the Policemen's Benevolent Association donated more than $20,000 to buy back weapons. By Friday, they had doled out $12,000 to $15,000, but had collected mostly BB and paint-ball guns, along with working and non-working rifles.

Um. "Buy Back" sounds odd to me. Don't you have to have previously owned something in order to buy it back?
"That's not really what we want to target," said Capt. Ron Van Kluyve , whose First District command includes the Northside, which has seen a spate of shootings this year. "It's more the handguns we want to get off the street."
Heh, No kidding. But when you only offer $100 for a functioning semi-automatic, why would you expect people to turn them in? Especially when they could sell them to a pawn shop for much more.

But the Rev. Stafford J. Miller, who helped coordinate the gun-surrender program, argued that the monthlong effort exceeded its goal of buying 200 guns.

"I think all in all, I would give us a B-plus or an A-minus because it's grass roots," said Miller, the pastor of St. Phillip United Methodist Church on North First Street. Despite the effort, two gunfights occurred within 90 minutes of each other Thursday afternoon. Both incidents had bystanders fleeing for cover, police said.

Thanks Rev. You managed to completely waste your time and your money. Good Job.

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geekwife said...

I didn't bother to read this, it will just annoy me. But based on what you've posted, I have this comment:

How stupid do you have to be to spend upwards of $12,000 to buy less than 250 paintball and bb guns? And then, how much more stupid to think that you're making "the streets" safer (because bb guns and paintball guns are such a crime problem) and so extend the program so you can spend even more money on, presumably, the same crap?

I pray to the Goddes they're not using taxpayer money on this. Especially not MY taxpayer money.