Monday, May 01, 2006

VDH in Libya

Now if you're going to have a ruptured appendix, Libya isn't the place I'd choose. But things seemed to work out in the end.
VDH: Well, you know it's very interesting. I started having some problems, about 24 hours, and then because the country has just been opened up to Americans. There's nobody really there. There's no Embassy, and nobody has any experience with it, Qaddafi's Libya. But I got a government person to escort me, and they found a Red Crescent clinic at Two in the morning. They found a doctor who was trained in Cairo, and he basically gave me an excellent diagnosis, and said I had about ten hours to either fish or cut bait. And he operated, took out the mess, and gave me some pretty strong antibiotics for peritonitis. They don't give you opiates there, or any post-operative pain killers,
That would be just a touch nerve racking.

And for those of Military geekdom interests, here's a piece by hanson on Military Technology and American Culture.

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