Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mexican Lawsuits

While looking around the blogsphere concerning the below entry, I came across QandO's entry on the EEOC and then this one related to the Mexican lawsuits. I'm having real trouble having any sympathy for the illegals on this one.
Mexican border officials also said they worried that sending troops to heavily trafficked regions would push illegal migrants into more perilous areas of the U.S.-Mexican border to avoid detection.
Mexican officials worry the crackdown will lead to more deaths. Since Washington toughened security in Texas and California in 1994, migrants have flooded Arizona's hard-to-patrol desert and deaths have spiked. Migrant groups estimate 500 people died trying to cross the border in 2005. The Border Patrol reported 473 deaths in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.

In Ciudad Juarez, Julieta Nunez Gonzalez, local representative of the Mexican government's National Immigration Institute, said Tuesday she will ask the government to send its migrant protection force, known as Grupo Beta, to more remote sections of the border.

Sending the National Guard "will not stop the flow of migrants, to the contrary, it will probably go up," as people try to get into the U.S. in the hope that they could benefit from a possible amnesty program, Nunez said.

For some reason I'm betting that there'll be a lawsuit if there is any legislation that requires border enforcement. By the logic here, I'd say they think that the US government must be held responsible for the actions of those trying to enter the country illegally.

Read the QandO entry, it gets into some of the other interesting logic.

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