Thursday, May 18, 2006

California Gun Bills: More Legislation to Punish the Law-abiding

Glad the Fed isn't helping these idiots along.

Here are the bills that are on the move in The Socialist Republic of California.

Klehs' AB 2728 -- approved by the Assembly Public Safety Committee in April and now pending in the Assembly Appropriations Committee -- would require newly licensed gun dealers to pass state Justice Department compliance inspections before opening for business.

The other Lockyer-sponsored bill, AB 2521 by Assemblyman Dave Jones, D-Sacramento, would subject firearms dealers to more Justice Department oversight to reduce trafficking from out-of-state vendors. The Assembly approved it May 11 on a 51-26 vote; it's now before the state Senate Rules Committee.

Tuesday's speakers also called for passage of AB 352 by Assemblyman Paul Koretz, D-West Hollywood, which would require "microstamping" of semiautomatic handguns, giving police a new way to track the buying and handling of guns later tied to crime. The Assembly passed this bill last year on a 41-38 vote, but the state Senate rendered it inactive last fall.

So the first two are for the discouragement of gun merchants. The first probably isn't too bad, but is simply another way to make it impossible to become a firearms dealer.

I don't quite get the second one. The dealer has to have an FFL and can only buy interstate from another FFL. So what is the difference in that bill from what exists now? Does it mean that they won't be able to purchase guns from in-state manufacturers?

The micro-stamping is just a giggle. I guess the sale of wheel guns will be going through the roof in CA. What a joke.

Anyone know any reason to consider any of these as legitimate legislation?

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BobG said...

What they need is legislation to make common sense legal.