Saturday, May 13, 2006

Instapunk Movement

Evidently, there's an Instapunk Movement. What's more, I wasn't invited. Oh come on guys, let me in. Pleeeaaase. Please, please, please, please. I'll be good. I'll keep the secrets. I'll sign over all my worldly possessions (oh hell, I'll send the kids over now). Will there be a really cool initiation with nudity, farm animals, mutilation, sacrifice and references to the construction of Solomon's Temple? Oh wait, that was when I joined the Freemasons. My bad...

Seriously though, there are some wacked out and grossly ignorant people out there. I followed a bunch of those links. It makes for some entertaining reading. I really enjoyed a discussion on Above Top Secret about how we faked the moon landing (riiiggghhht [backing away slowly]). A psychic declared, well of course the moon landings are fake. After all, if anything had touched the moon and then touched the earth, the earth's energy field (?) would be affected. Since it isn't (we have to rely on his accurate measurements for this reassurance), well then, no moon landing. Oh? OK, then.

One of the people on the forum asked the psychic to prove his powers (it is a little hard to find trust on a site about paranoid conspiracies, after all) since the psychic offered to. Long story short, he failed, was called on it, went on a rant. I stopped reading then because I could feel IQ points (or maybe it was energy) leaking away. Fun stuff on a rainy Saturday morning.

But hey, Instapunk, about this Movement thing...

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