Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jesse Macbeth: Confessed War Criminal

You must have caught this crap floating in the blogsphere. I've linked Malkin's Op-Ed at RCP, not because I like Malkin, but mainly because it's fairly concise. Here's some of the things he's claimed:
In his 20-minute Internet video interview at, which promises that watching the video "will change your life," MacBeth (who also claims to have served in Special Forces) says:

--Superiors told him "our job over there is to strike fear in the hearts of the Iraqis . . . to be brutal and to not feel" and that "the Geneva Convention doesn't mean crap." He would "do night raids, pull people out, on their knees and zip-tied," and if a man didn't answer the way he wanted him to, he "would shoot his youngest kid and keep going."

-- "By my hand alone . . . almost 200 people were taken out by me. That's just a rough estimate. A lot of them at close range . . . they would actually feel the hot muzzle of my rifle on their forehead . . . we'd do stuff that would scare them first . . . beat 'em up or kick 'em or hit the wife . . . slaughtering 30-40 people a night sometimes, women and children . . . I was trained, you know, in all the Ranger school, 18 months of that crap . . . I got disappointed in my country . . . but I didn't say anything because I would have been locked up."

Funny. I haven't found anyone stating that this guy should be arrested and charged with war crimes. He openly admits to having performed them. I say we get him a one way ticket to the Hague and see how many more former "special forces" soldiers report their activities.

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