Saturday, June 24, 2006

Terrorists Invited to Massachusetts

While that title may be a bit over the top, I can't help feeling that the response, to Gov. Mitt Romney's plan to have state police arrest illegal aliens as part of their job, of the three Democrats running for governor basically boils down to that. After all, when you find that not only are many people who have committed, or are planning to commit, terrorist acts on US soil are not only here illegally, but that they have regular brushes with the law. Then we have the most recent example of home-grown terrorists, so called, including a Haitian here illegally. Well, then, clearly, our fine state is trying to advertise an open door policy for terrorists.
So please, all illegal aliens planning on blowing up Americans, you can stay at Tom Reilly's house (or Duval Patrick's or Christopher F. Gabrieli's). As a matter of fact, Tom would like to offer your illegal kids in-state tuition at our fine schools. You don't need to worry about Tom pursuing you on any of your crimes either. After all, he needs to spend his time chasing down Airsoft pellet guns, a much bigger danger than illegal aliens plotting to blow up federal buildings & giant hi-rises.

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