Monday, June 05, 2006

Ohio 2004 Election, RFK Jr. - So Wrong Even Salon Rips Him Up

Wow. You've got to be really and truly off the path if you're attacking GWB and Salon has just come down against you. Apparently RFK is drinking the DU cool-aid which, surprise, surprise, has taken away all judgement and reliance on facts. I had already read a few articles trashing the Rolling Stones article, but this is the first one I saw on an avowedly lefty source. Sit back and enjoy the show.


Nylarthotep said...

It's even worse when the article is four pages long. They not only point out his failure to provide accurate data, but the do it in detail. He even misuses the Democratic committees report by not providing the results of the findings.

What happened to the Kennedys? They've been riding the good name of Jack and Robert for way too long.

Granted said...

In theory, they're going to start going away. Let's face it, only Jack & Robert were worth two shits. The rest would have been also-rans if it weren't for the family name & oodles of cash. The name is starting to wear off and the cash will only carry them so far after that. Bad news is, the name will probably last as long as the baby-boomers who worship it.