Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Salon Responds to Critics of the RFK-Ohio Bubble Pop

Damn! They must have been seriously slapped about the face & neck by their readers to post this response. It really does look like the left is going to resort to canabalism before it gets to the finish of this particular issue.


DirtCrashr said...

It's always great when the big Democrat Cannibal Chiefs parade out of their Huts for a Bar-b-Que, dragging some select maiden...

Nylarthotep said...

This is particularly absurd. I couldn't even finish the articles in either case. It makes you wonder if RFKjr. or any of his co-conspiracy theorists actually read the Democrat's report.

I love the comments that Manjoo is trying to hold them to court-room level evidence. I didn't see that at all, but would think that it would be more appropriate than the claptrap that RFKjr is trying to push when he ignores what the report actually states.

Not to mention the mere fact that Manjoo actually tries to keep the poll purges in context of standing law, as you point out. If the story is about the misuse of the facts, you'd think that actually using them in context would be a prerequisite.

The other thing that RFKjr seems to be missing is that he's actually helping the GOP by making the Dems look like the tin-foil-tam set. The centrists in the political spectrum don't want to hear someone's interpretation of a report that they have already had reports on and understand that it's not stating anything near RFKjr's view.