Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Motorcycle Week in NH - or - Week of the Assholes

I generally hate this week. The huge convergence of assholes on really loud motorcycles. The typical slow ride because they want to cruise nice and slow through your neighborhood. The 2 AM train of roaring Harleys coming down the street. The multiple deaths because they drive like idiots.
As the riders cruised down a sloping Route 9 straightaway into a turn, one of the motorcyclists veered into the path of an oncoming Jeep Cherokee, authorities said. The collision caused the Cherokee to roll over three other motorcycles. Two other bikers lost control and rolled over. Only one of the seven motorcyclists made it through upright, authorities said.
And Sunday being Father's day, means you get to drive behind the huge back up of motorcycles leaving and clogging up traffic for very long periods of time.

You think I'm over reacting? Well, I'll send the Harleys your way after midnight. Wake you up 3 times a night for a whole week. Loud motorcycles aren't cool or interesting at 2 AM. They're a bloody pain in the ass.

I'm hoping for rain.

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