Friday, June 09, 2006

Gun Rights Op-Ed ... I Think

Now this article is pro gun rights as far as I can see. But it goes into the discussion more on liberal vs conservative rather than on any of the standing arguments. It's kind of a mushy argument. I'm not too sure why he bothered writing it.
I have a terrible confession to make. You see, even though I am not a hunter, never really considered Charlton Heston a very good actor and only recently joined the NRA - mainly so I could wear their cap and annoy my liberal acquaintances - I have no objection to my fellow citizens owning guns.
Um. Yeah.

Working in the People's Republic of Massachusetts has taught me that in general you don't discuss gun rights nor do you admit to being in the NRA. That doesn't stop me from kicking the hell out of someone making a really poor gun control argument, but it does limit the amount of interaction with those that have decided the results of the issue without any understanding of the arguments.
With a kazillion guns already in circulation, Brady Bill or no Brady Bill, I'm afraid we'll never again see the day that criminals have to make do with rocks and sharp sticks.
I'll put my m1911 against a stick or rock any day. And seeing that Felons can still acquire sticks and rocks and a plethora of pointy or blunt objects, this really is irrelevant.
But where guns are concerned, statistics and common sense rarely have the power to sway a liberal’s opinion. They simply won’t accept the idea that guns are ever used defensively to safeguard the innocent. So far as they’re concerned, the Founding Fathers were all drunk the day they drafted that part of the Bill of Rights having to do with bearing arms.

In terms of public relations, I think it would be wise if just once when some kid blasts a schoolmate Michael Moore and the rest of the anti-gun crowd didn't take such obvious delight in using the incident to beat the opposition over the head. In a nation of 300 million people, probably close to 10 percent of whom are here illegally, bad stuff is going to happen. It's a rotten shame, but it's unavoidable. Believe me, schoolyard bullies and math exams are a far bigger source of terror to most of our kids.

10%? I'd have thought the illegals were only about 5% at most, but it's only math. The gun rights crowd are fully aware of the liberal gun control crowds willingness to use any corpse killed by a gun to further their agenda. Especially considering that you can't easily argue that a abolition of all gun ownership wouldn't have ensured that that child didn't die from a gunshot. Monsters that gun rights people are, we tend not to let raw emotion be our only argument.
The battle, for the most part, comes down to liberals vs. conservatives. As usual, liberals turn their backs on common sense, preferring to appear compassionate.

Because they are stuck with an agenda, liberals are forced to parrot anti-gun propaganda even when, like the late columnist Carl Rowan and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, they, themselves, are discovered to be packing heat. And surely I wasn't the only person who yawned when Sharon Stone made such a big deal out of turning in her three roscoes. The point might have been made more forcefully if her bodyguards had turned in their artillery.

The liberal hypocracy is pretty well understood on this especially in the Hollywood crowd. The loudest voices in the Senate on gun control are also those that have body guards or have a Federal concealed carry license. Feinstein and Schumer being the biggest hypocrites on the topic.

I would have hoped that an Op-Ed on the topic would have reviewed the basic arguments or a current issue, but this just looks like small talk. Too bad is was so weak. Any voice on the Gun Rights side would be more effective if it was more enthusiastic.

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