Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RFK Jr. and the Stolen Ohio Election

Now the man himself is answering accusations in Salon. Cool stuff. If you followed the other link and read, not only the article, but the letters, then you'd know that this is pushing a button for the Democratic base. I would have said that it was just the DU fever-swamp left, but the letters told a different story. More than one of them talked about how they had to believe that the election was stolen because to believe otherwise was to believe that a majority of their fellow citizens actually voted for Bush.
Anyway, Salon must actually be somewhere near the mainstream radar otherwise why would RFK Jr., stoop down to write up his commentary. As to the article, he addresses some things but not others. I'm no expert, but I can read the articles and try to understand who's pulling the wool over my eyes. For example RFK goes on at length as to how many people were disenfranchised by long lines. Then he sums up by saying the majority would have voted for Kerry. Problem is, when votes get added to both sides, instead of just one side the margin of victory may change, but not the victory itself and Manjoo covered that. He also talks about the arbitrary purge of voter rolls without ever addressing the fact that it's a state law. To hear RFK talk about it, it was just a choice made by the state rather than an official process that had been followed for some number of elections prior to this one.
Manjoo then responds & pops RFK's arguments like a cheap balloon.

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