Thursday, June 01, 2006

Michael Moore Sued for Fahrenheit 9/11

It seems as if the fallout caused by Fahrenheit 9/11 will never die down.

A Massachusetts national guardsman filed an $85 million lawsuit against Michael Moore in Suffolk Superior Court last week, accusing the filmmaker of distorting a TV interview to portray the soldier as anti-war in his scathing 2004 documentary about the Bush administration post-Sept. 11, 2001.

Sgt. Peter Damon, 33, has stated that Moore didn't have his permission to use pieces of the on-camera interview he gave in 2003 to an NBC Nightly News correspondent at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. Damon's appearance in Fahrenheit 9/11 resulted in a "loss of reputation, emotional distress, embarrassment, and personal humiliation" for him, court documents state.

I really REALLY hope that Damon wins. I'd like to hear Moore's response to the suit. I'm betting he's been saying some really nasty things about the guy that he used for his own agenda.

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