Friday, September 02, 2005

Blunderford. Absolute Cur

The spewing rage I feel towards someone this low, this despicable, this god-damned cowardly... Holy Cow! I'm going to pop a blood vessel. If you go over and read on his blog (which I'm NOT going to link to), he's crowing about it. Enjoy your moment in the sun you... I don't even want to type the words that are coming to mind. I just want to go & stencil them on his frigging face with an exacto knife. Petty, small, waste of resources. He's breathing oxygen, eating food, and drinking water that a real human being may need someday.
Partisan bikering is one thing. This is flat wrong. Sick. I'm quite frankly, simultaneously gob-smacked and furious. Only follow the link if your blood pressure is under control or you wear a tin hat around to avoid the Bush mind control rays.


Kevin said...

I am right about at the point where Civil War begins to look like a reasonable response.

Blunderford and his ilk aren't stupid, they're evil. They aren't "the opposition," they're the enemy.

There are only two responses to Blunderford's position - walk away restraining my rage, or tear his fucking throat out.

And my patience is waning.

Granted said...

I know how you feel. I'm at work or I'd be down in the basement working the heavy bag for an hour or so.
Seriously, this is the attitude that leads to death camps. "Oh, the Jews never did anything for me..." and he's not being asked to stick his neck out, just to care for his fellow man a bit.
Yow! I can't wait for work to end so I can go and hit the bag...

Granted said...

I'm reading through the comments, just to keep my blood pressure boiling and found this one:

"Comment 124 posted by Tongueboy on September 2, 2005 09:51 AM:
Bush is completely to blame for this disaster. As the storm made its way towards the Mississippi Delta, Bush refused to use his Merlin's Magical Wand to ward away this menace. As the levee's broke, he refused to use the heat beams from his eyes to weld them back together. And to this day, he refuses to to fly around the world counterclockwise at light speed to reverse the flow of time so that adequate preparations can be made. But he seems perfectly willing to erect a forcefield to prevent National Guard troops from other states entering the affected areas. Dr. Evil and Ernesto Blofeld could learn a thing or two from Emperor Chimpy."

It's Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but other than that, this was great.

Nylarthotep said...

Man are you touchy today.
This jackass is the cherry on the political bullshit sundae that's been floating around.

I'm especially entertained by the "Bush took money away from the levees" theme that is flying about. I saw a interview with someone from the Army Corps of Engineers on MSNBC and they stated it wouldn't have made any difference if that money had gone in. He stated it clearly. They had plans to repair some areas that were old. Not all of those areas that failed were in the plans for repair.

I even enjoyed the post at CQ that pointed out Clinton defending the presidents actions in this scenario. Now that was a decent thing to do. I didn't expect it, but definitely gained him some respect.

Granted said...

I saw that CQ post too. Nice work from Clinton. Absolutely.
The spew about Bush & the levees is getting a bit irritating since every fact based report (as opposed to the "reality based" ones) states that the part of the levee that failed ain't the part they were working on.

Yes I do seem touchy. I don't know why that guy crawled so far up my back side, but something about it has just set me off. I desperately want to go & kick his little touche up & down the block.