Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saddam's Military Nurse

Gotta be a slow news day if this is the crap they have to offer.
Ellis said Saddam did not complain much, and, when he did, his complaint was usually legitimate. "He had very good coping skills," Ellis said.

Saddam shared with Ellis memories of happier times when his children were young. The former dictator described telling the youngsters bedtime stories and giving his daughter half a Tums tablet when she had a stomachache.

When he was allowed short visits outside, Saddam would feed the birds crusts of bread saved from his meals. He also watered a dusty plot of weeds.

"He said he was a farmer when he was young and he never forgot where he came from," Ellis said.

When Ellis told Saddam he had to leave for America because his brother was dying, Saddam hugged him and said he would be Ellis' brother.

Ah yes. Those wonderful days of the kinder gentler Saddam. Helping his daughter, using nerve gas on the Kurds, what a lovely story.

Sounds like another Herbert Lee Stivers. Though he didn't get a chance to help Saddam get his "medicine."

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