Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Homeland Stupid Security Bill

Has there been any Blue Ribbon Commissions on security? I'd really like to know that. The reason mostly has to do with the legislation like this reported that essentially requires a large amount of highly ineffective and costly security measures.
The House passed a broad homeland-security bill Tuesday that requires all cargo on U.S.-bound ships and on passenger planes to be scanned for explosives, expands programs to track weapons of mass destruction and bolsters intelligence gathering along the border.

The bill, which implements many of the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, is the first in the 100-hour legislative drive spearheaded by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

It passed 299-128, with 68 Republicans joining Democrats. All members of the Washington state delegation voted for the bill.

While it could bolster the Democratic Party's national-security credentials, it also could fall short of its aims. Democrats did not designate funding for most of the costly initiatives, and critics also charge that some are impractical.

Funny that they state it could bolter the Dems on National Security, but only for those people that are completely clueless on security. Sadly the Hollywood scenario solutions are just a vast waste of time. I won't reiterate the stupidity of the Safe Ports act or the extensions that this bill will add. That is quite obvious. But what about the check of all cargo for explosives? Is there any way to do this without opening ever single item and doing a swipe test?

I'm thinking that some of the measures could be good, but the ones listed in this report are basically poor. I'll have to find out just what they mean by "intelligence gathering along the border." I'm thinking there aren't many high level threats along our borders. What intelligence are they looking for exactly?

I'm sure that this bill will look worse and worse as analysis of it comes out.

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