Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, electricity actually.
Thousands of New Hampshire homes and businesses still were without power Wednesday from Monday's ice storm.

The storm left more than 50,000 homes and businesses without electricity overnight Monday. Line crews worked to reduce the number to about 12,300 by late Tuesday night, even though they faced a tough day.

The area still most affected by Monday's ice storm stretches from the Manchester area in the north, to Nashua in the south, to Keene in the west.

Public Service Company of New Hampshire, the state's largest utility, said as of 5 a.m., Wednesday, 11,000 customers still were in the dark. It expects that the bulk of customers in the southern part of the state will have power restored by mid-evening Wednesday.
It was 6 degrees out this AM when I decided to go into work. I have electricity only due to the fact that I have a generator. That is plugged into the building's power supply to run the oil heat. (My landlord doesn't appear to have a generator for such a task.) I have a little electricity off of that because the generator is mine and I basically dictated that.

No hot water though. That sucks. The gym is just down the street, but who wants to drive to the gym at 5:00 AM to take a shower?

The power company trucks drive up and down the street every couple of hours shining their lights about, but still no electricity. Makes you wonder what they're doing. I followed one as I went to work, and they light up the ice in the trees really nicely. I'd prefer having my electricity on.

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