Friday, January 19, 2007

Fairness Doctrine, Ensuring Bias Gets Fair Time

Frankly, the Fairness Doctrine is up there with one of the more moronic governmental controls ever considered.
Reaching new levels of hysteria, Rep. Maurice Hinchey said the survival of America was itself at stake because “neo-fascist” and “neo-con” talk-show hosts led by Rush Limbaugh had facilitated the “illegal” war in Iraq and were complicit in President Bush’s repeated violations of the Constitution, such as by detaining terrorists. He warned that the “right-wing oriented media” were now preparing the way for Bush to wage war on Iran and Syria.

His answer, a bill titled the “Media Ownership Reform Act,” would reinstate the federal fairness doctrine and authorize bureaucrats at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to monitor and alter the content of radio and television programs.

Hinchey, chairman of the “Future of American Media Caucus” in the House, was introduced as the new chairman of a subcommittee with jurisdiction over the FCC. For Hinchey and the vast majority at the conference, there was a pressing need for more, not less, regulation of what they call the “corporate media.”

How absolutely pathetic.

Couple of questions. Who decides what is fair? The MSM has certainly proved their inability to put forward fair reporting. Can we honestly expect that they will change? Can we expect that the liberal bias will get their feet held to the fire? Will PBS get reined in?

But, it's all about the Conservative bias. Because, well you know, the liberal media isn't biased. Right?

The Puffington Host has an entry by Charlie Reina, which is very unconvincing.

QandO have a couple of entries on the topic, which I frankly find more convincing.

And no real surprise, Dennis Kucinich is leading the knee-jerkers and tin-foil set into battle on this topic.

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