Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Chemistry Making Life Better

Another indication of how simple it is to use the common chemical infrastructure to cause major health risks. Just imagine if this had been intentional and in a high density population center.
Four runaway rail cars traveled 20 miles before hitting two parked locomotives, causing a chemical fire near Irvine that prompted an evacuation and orders that others stay indoors.

The crash released "a toxic cloud" of butyl acetate, a flammable liquid, from a burning tanker car, authorities said. The fire produced a huge column of black smoke, and a section of the Kentucky River caught fire. No injuries were reported, authorities said.
Terrorists don't need to sneak bombs through the ports, we give them easy tools to cause havoc. But hey, let's enact legislation to spend lots of money on methods terrorists won't use and ignore the simple tools that they could use.

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