Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ask A Mason

I've been seeing these commercials periodically on the idiot box.

I went to the website and was surprised that it appears that you can now ask to join their organization. I thought that it was supposed to be an invitation from a Mason?


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geekwife said...

No... the way Masons have always worked is that you have to ask them... they don't invite you. The impetus is supposed to come from the one who wants to join. That's been part of the their problem. Their tradition is to keep low-profile about what they do. The downside is the public (and men who might be interested) aren't aware of them. They've been running the ads as a way to address their shrinking membership, which is a new and kind of desperate step.

It's too bad they're shrinking, because they really do some great things for the community. I had the opportunity to sit at a Colonial dinner (the Colonial Masons allow the distaff side to attend part of their meeting) and their guest speaker was the head of the Massachusetts Shriners. He went through the way they had spent the past year's money: on emergency flights for badly burned children to the Shriner's hospital. In some cases, not having enough money, and having to turn down the request, knowing it meant the child would die. Pretty compelling stuff. And Grantedd's lodge has an Angel Fund for the town, which helps provide for kids in need through the school system.