Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Clinton Just Not Getting IT

Hillary obviously just doesn't get it. Look at this:

Congressional criticism of President Bush’s troop surge in Iraq threatens to erode the morale of American soldiers and Marines serving there, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., implied Tuesday at a Senate confirmation hearing for Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus, Bush's choice to be the new commander in Iraq.

McCain’s raising of the morale question was quickly disputed by one of his potential 2008 presidential rivals, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

McCain and Clinton may get a chance to put their clashing ideas to the test of the electorate in the 2008 presidential election: they are leading contender for their respective party’s nominations.

McCain raised the morale issue in a question he posed to Petraeus, saying, “Suppose that we send additional troops and we tell those troops, ‘we support you, but we are convinced you cannot accomplish your mission… we do not support the mission we are sending you on’? What effect does that have on morale of the troops?”

“It would not be a beneficial effect, sir,” Petraeus answered.

Clinton disagreed with both McCain and Petraeus on the morale issue.

Clinton disputes morale effect
“Our troops are on the Internet constantly; they know very well there’s a debate going on in this country,” Clinton told reporters after she left the Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing. “From the troops I’ve spoken with, a lot of them share many of the concerns that I and others have.”

I completely disagree with her rather weak point. They may have concerns, but they want to succeed. The discussion on limiting or stopping funding doesn't help their mind set. Let's keep it simple, how many of their fellow soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen have died and now they are being told that the US should bail and ensure that their deaths were completely in vain. Success will at least make the sacrifice partially justified.

Her argument is essentially irrelevant to the discussion of morale.

UPDATE: I guess I'm really late on this one. Fox News is running this topic now. Sheesh.

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