Thursday, January 18, 2007

Discussing The End of the World

Interesting post. It's an email exchange about discussing survival preparedness with those who don't want to be prepared. Seems this guy ran into a bunch that thought he was an ogre because he basically told them he wouldn't save their asses if the SHTF.
On Christmas Eve I went to a party where the four liberal families I previously discussed were present, and followed your advice. After bringing up the emergency kit issue again, lots of people complained and teased me (in a good natured way) but as expected, the ”we’ll just come to your house” meme reared its ugly head. I stated, as you suggested, that I would *NOT* help them in an emergency unless they first took measures to help themselves. This did not go over well. Much argument followed. The net result:

1) I am no longer welcome at any of the four homes (no great loss).

2) I am now morally equivalent to Hitler and George Bush.

3) One woman called me a potential child molester (I’m not sure of the logic, but it had something to do with not helping her starving kiddies when the world goes whacky).

4) Republicans are evil, therefore, I am evil (being a Libertarian, this seemed a bit unfair, but the finer points of political philosophy were lost in the debate).

5) Another woman (a hardcore feminist) screamed “I’ll call the police!! Hoarding in an emergency is just wrong. You won’t get away with it.”


I don't typically discuss this type of thing with anyone but those that are already prepared at some level. Personally, I wouldn't warn them to stay away, I'd just shoot. Those who know I'd support them, know that I wouldn't shoot them. That list is very very short.

I've had similar conversations as described, but I usually don't push people to be prepared. Frankly, I'm not into discussing it because you are then identified as being prepared and then are in the back of someone's mind as being the place to go for help. In such a bad situation, I doubt I'd be much help, mainly because I would be too busy protecting myself. I also analyze who is valuable in a survival situation, and most people I know are major deficits.

I find the hoarding statement fascinating. Having assets prior to an incident doesn't make you a hoarder. Gathering excessive assets after an incident is. I suppose by the discussion above I'd be a monster. Better a live monster that a bloated corpse.

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