Thursday, November 30, 2006

Violent Criminals Enjoy Violence

I caught this at Of Arms & the Law.

The study is from Great Britain, but I don't think that this is much different here in the US.
Robbers increasingly carry out their vicious attacks for 'kicks' and street credibility rather than cash, a chilling study reveals.

The research, based on interviews with 120 sentenced criminals, said many simply had a desire for brutal violence rather than financial gain.

Past research has blamed a surge in violent robberies on offenders trying to get their hands on money, often to pay for drugs.

But Economic and Social Research Council said links to gangs and the need to gain 'street cred' were also a huge motivating factor.

Up to a third of those questioned - a group which included thugs arrested on more than 50 occasions - said they were involved in gangs or criminal groups.

The study, by Professor Trevor Bennett and Dr Fiona Brookman, added: "Both the amount and the severity of gratuitous violence used in street robbery are increasing in the UK.

I find this disturbing, though it does make some sense.

r provided a link to the report. (PDF)

Now I'll go and read it.

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