Monday, November 27, 2006

MSM Malpractice

The linked blog is FloppingAces which I found through a link at Wizbang.

The piece is pretty interesting. Partly for the rather extensive work done to try and verify the MSM sources credentials and partly for the rather thorough vetting that they seem to have done outside of the MSM. I'm not saying that they are 100% validated, but they certainly provide sufficient evidence to set your mind to reasonable doubt. I'd say I'm convinced.

They take the reports on the four burnt mosques in Iraq and the six people burned to death and try to find evidence of the same that is independently qualified. They don't find any. The source, a certain Capt. Jamil Hussein of the Iraqi police, appears to be the only witness. In trying to vet him as a source they go to CENTCOM and come up with a list of questioned sources that the government is trying to qualify.

Sounds odd to me. Read it for yourself. I'm not particularly surprised that the MSM isn't vetting their sources. God knows they are the journalists and must know what they are doing. Unfortunately, it has little to do with honest reporting.

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