Friday, April 06, 2007

UK Sailors Gathering Intel

I'm a bit baffled about this report. What in the hell did you think the Brits were doing out there?
The captain in charge of the 15 marines detained in Iran has said they were gathering intelligence on the Iranians.

Sky News went on patrol with Captain Chris Air and his team in Iraqi waters close to the area where they were arrested - just five days before the crisis began.

We withheld the interview until now so it would not jeopardise their safety.

And today, former Iranian diplomat Dr Mehrdad Khonsari said if the Iranians had known about it, they would have used it to "justify taking the marines captive and put them on trial".
I'd say the Iranian diplomat is either clueless or disingenuous. Military patrols gather information, that is part of their daily business.

Next he'll be telling us that the Iranian patrols don't do any Intel work.

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