Friday, April 06, 2007

Politicians Debate Climate Change

Is there any reason why these two are doing this? Not that I expect anything like intelligent debate, but you could hope.
Former House Speaker and possible presidential candidate Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and 2004 Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) are set to square off on climate change next week, their staffs announced Thursday.
Kerry and Gingrich, two politicians that I really have little no respect for will be debating a topic that neither is an expert in.
“As a father, when someone tells me that within the next decade, if we don't deal with global warming, our children and grandchildren may deal with global catastrophe, that tells me I damn well better do whatever I can to help make Washington deal with this responsibly,” Kerry added. “We need these good old-fashioned debates and forums and discussions to get everyone thinking creatively on both sides of the aisle.”
“America should focus its energy policy in four areas,” Gingrich writes on his website. “Basic research for a new energy system, incentives for conservation, more renewable resources, and environmentally sound development of fossil fuels.

“The lengthy process of environmental planning must be made more efficient and cost effective,” he adds.

Kerry's statement is exactly what I expected, lots of feeling, no plan of action. Gingrich just the opposite.

If I had to choose which of these politicians to get us on the right course, it would have to be Newt.

Well, also because I think Kerry is a moron.

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