Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Dem Justifying a Draft

I have always disliked Murtha, but now I'm pretty much convinced he's a complete piece of CRAP.

Seeing the logic of a draft is fascinating considering how much he had to have seen of the ability of a conscript military during his service in Vietnam. Can he honestly wish this on those in the military?
A military draft would ease the burden placed on soldiers and their families, Rep. John Murtha, a leading Democratic critic of the Iraq war, said Tuesday.

Murtha said he's not calling for a draft and believes it won't be reinstated. But he said he thinks there should be a draft when the United States is fighting in a major war.

"A draft is the fairest way - if we're going to fight a war - to fight it, because everybody has responsibility," Murtha, echoing comments he made last week to CNN, said in a phone interview from his district in Western Pennsylvania. "Everybody should share in this responsibility. Everybody should have the chance to serve."

Currently, "only the people who volunteered are serving and paying a high price," he said.
I completely disagree with the contention that everyone would have responsibility. In fact, only a very few would end up shouldering the combat duties. Who would be the one that decides who goes into the combat role? If he believes that a random selection would get you the dedication and intensity of a volunteer, he's completely out of his mind. I'd even postulate that having a draft would discourage those who would best serve the military from the desire to defend their country.

Then there are the interesting questions of who will serve from the ethnic point of view. Last I saw there were some ethnic groups under represented in the military. Would you make your random selection less random to ensure that each ethnicity provided their fair share? How about by economic status?

More horse-shit from Murtha.

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He is a total ass hat.