Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Police Preparing for Gardening Season

Saw this at SayUncle and I just wonder when my parents are going to get raided.
On a regular Saturday evening, three roommates stood around their apartment going about their normal routine when suddenly eight to 10 police officers, guns drawn, came into the apartment and served the unsuspecting men a search warrant.

Robert Barry, a senior civil engineering major, stood in shock as police searched his apartment for a suspected marijuana growth.

Just three hours earlier, two people, who Barry said were there on behalf of the landlord, were reviewing the apartment when they noticed a growth lamp in a hall closet.

Pullman Police met the two citizens when they went to the police station soon after leaving the apartment to report a suspected growth.

The two people also mentioned to the officer that the roommates appeared nervous while they were in the apartment, and said it smelled like burnt marijuana.

The search warrant states that “a crime has been committed or reasonably appears about to be committed, to-wit: controlled narcotic substances, in particular growing marijuana and burnt marijuana,” as well as paraphernalia. The apartment had drawings and pictures of marijuana leaves on the walls.

Much to their surprise, when the police came to the apartment with guns drawn, they found tomato plants growing in Barry’s closet.

You see, my mother grows her tomatoes, and lots of other plants from seed. It's cheaper, faster, and she has more control. But seeing as the police seem to be taking tipsters, who are fucking clueless, as reliable sources, I can imagine that my mom will be dealing with these imbeciles at some point.

Then the police, embarrassed by their actions continued their stupidity.
“They went straight to the closet and saw tomatoes,” Barry said. “They regrouped for a second and then searched the rest of the apartment visually.” Barry said the officers found nothing and even threatened to bring dogs back to search the apartment further.
There you go. Couldn't find what you were looking for, go get the dogs and really tear the place up. Wonderful statement for the reasonableness of the police at that locality.

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