Monday, April 23, 2007

The Polls

So the pollsters had a field day with the VT shooting. AP-IPSO has the Terrified woman poll and Zogby has the "it doesn't matter" poll. No real change in the standing on the issue as far as I can see. The terrified woman poll has been getting more coverage from what I can see.

Here's the screamer line from the terrified woman poll:
Women were nearly twice as likely as men to say gun laws should be tightened, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll.
And more than half of all those polled said they are ashamed the Virginia Tech shootings could happen in this country.
This isn't really news. The stats have always fallen somewhere near this level. The "Ashamed" numbers are foolish. Wonder how they asked that question. Why should anyone be ashamed?

Then the Zogby poll gives us this jewel:
While 59% don't think stricter gun control policies would help, 36% believe they could make a difference by helping to prevent future shootings. More than two in three Americans (69%) believe the recent shootings at Virginia Tech were the actions of a deranged man determined to inflict mayhem and could not have been prevented. But 16% believe stricter controls of guns and ammunition would have prevented the tragedy.
Again, nothing really new.

The end game will be to see where this goes in legislation. The level of over reaction is usually pretty hefty from the usual suspects. The question is, will the politicos step into the fray and upset the gun-rights advocates. This group has typically been the group that does substantial damage to the one proposing restrictions, and the Dems in particular don't have that large of a majority to withstand a challenge from this group.

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