Friday, April 20, 2007

Glorifying Cho: The MSM Debate

Debate? Or, more likely, defending their actions to gain viewers.
NBC aired the footage on Wednesday evening and was quickly followed by rivals ABC and CBS. But those networks distanced themselves from the decision on Thursday and said they would limit future broadcasts of the video. NBC itself said it would use restraint.

Some media experts labeled the move as an effort to improve NBC ratings and questioned whether giving 23-year-old Cho an outlet for hate-filled rants served the public interest.

"It was a very bad decision," said Paul Levinson, chairman of the communication and media studies department at Fordham University. "He's not a public official, he's not a terrorist we are pursuing as part of our government policy. He's just an individual psycho."

Others said the video provided a window on Cho's motives that could help in future cases, however painful the images may be to victims and their families.
Cho's motives? He was broken, dumb-ass. An analysis of his ravings would provide perspective that would be much more valuable than showing the ravings of an individual that wasn't in control.

And as Bruce's post and commentors reminds us these are the same people who wouldn't show comics of Mohamed because of their sensitivity to the Muslim community. Protect the minority, to hell with the majority. Nice bit of perspective there.

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