Monday, December 10, 2007

Whacky Seaon

The escalation in shootings is a bit frightening. I hate malls and churches, so I doubt I'm at much risk. At least the church in this case had some armed security on site negating that open target feel that most churches have.
"The suspect was confronted by a security guard," Myers said at a news conference late Sunday. "She shot the suspect, and the suspect subsequently died at the scene."
The nut cases are out so it's probably a good idea to watch who you tick off for a while.

Then there is the gun toting lady at Disney.
There was a little less enchantment in the Magic Kingdom Sunday morning when a 63-year-old Pennsylvania woman was taken into custody for allegedly bringing a loaded semi-automatic into the park.

Disney World security personnel reportedly discovered a silver handgun on Mary Ann Richardson as she entered the park with other family members, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The .32-caliber Beretta handgun had been loaded with seven live rounds in the magazine, but the chamber was empty, reported.

Richardson claimed she regularly traveled with the gun and forgot she had been carrying it around in her purse. Also found in Richardson’s purse was a pair of scissors and a locked blade knife, authorities said. She was charged with possession of a concealed weapon.
Nice. Though I'm uncertain about why they go into detail about the rounds being "live." People who carry guns don't generally carry spent shells in the clip. Couldn't be that they were sensationalizing a fairly non-sensational story. Nah.

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Granted said...

That's the thing about having to fly down there. I was well and truly, de-weaponed while we were at Disney.