Saturday, December 15, 2007

Licensing Gasoline

I haven't seen any outrage and demand for more regulation on who can purchase gasoline based on this incident. No doubt it must be in the works.
Leon Davis had been out of jail for just 10 days when he went to the Nationwide Insurance office Thursday afternoon, demanding money from Yvonne Bustamante and Jane Luciano. Upset that the women refused to give him money, Davis doused the two women with gasoline and set them on fire, according to Lake Wales police.
If he had shot them it would have caused the shrill Brady Bunch to screech for more legislation. He was in jail for grand theft. I'm betting that disqualified him from making a legal firearms purchase. Of course, he also had a gun. Note that criminals don't seem to care about doing illegal things.
Davis then went outside and refused to allow the women to flee. That is where Davis allegedly shot Brandon Griessman, 33, in the nose, after the Good Samaritan tried to help the burning women.

Davis escaped from the scene, sparking a massive manhunt, until he turned himself in later Thursday at a Polk County Sheriff's Office substation.
Bustamante, 26 and Luciano, 23, were flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where they remain in critical condition this afternoon. Luciano underwent an emergency Caesarean-section delivery. The premature baby was named Mike Bustamante Jr., according to Lake Wales police. The infant was doing well, police said.

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