Friday, December 14, 2007

Morons with Badges

Saw this at Schneier. He calls it weird, which it is, but its also incredibly stupid.
Normally when you find a ticket on your windshield from a police officer it is not a good thing, but in Conyers a ticket could save you some money.

Officers with the Conyers Police Department will be on foot patrol in the parking lots of major shopping areas in the city over the next couple of weeks. They will place yellow tickets on vehicles with packages or boxes of merchandise that are visible on the seats or floorboards of cars; in other words, vehicles that are easy targets for thieves.

Conyers Police Chief David Cathcart said the yellow ticket program is part of an overall crime prevention program to help remind people to be careful with regard to their Christmas packages.

"If you leave packages in clear view in your car, then you might be providing an opportunity to a thief that can be avoided if you are just a little more careful," said Cathcart. "Even if you put your packages in the car and think you're only going to be in another store for a few minutes, you're still at risk because it only takes a moment for someone to take advantage of a situation."

The CPD has stepped up patrols during the holiday season in the city's shopping areas and increased the number of officers on duty during the evening shopping hours.

"Certainly our goal is to catch the thief; but if we can help create an environment which makes it more difficult for the thief to thrive, then that's a positive for our entire community," the chief said. "We want the citizens to know that we are out in the community and this program not only lets people know officers are patrolling an area, but reminds people to secure their packages."
So the police case the parking lot to identify the easy targets and put big yellow stickers on the cars to make it obvious to thieves where to go for easy pickings. Seems logical to me. This must be the protect part of their creed.

I especially like the statement that the stickers let people know that the police are patrolling. Yeah, and where the stickers are they aren't any longer. Brilliant!

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Granted said...

OK. That one truly is an act of genius. Will someone do a follow-up to see if there was an up-tick in break-ins?