Thursday, December 27, 2007

Calls for Cthulu

Pretty interesting site sent to me by Rustmeister.

You don't see this theme around much. Which is really too bad since so much of the comic book and horror film effects have dabbled in the look at least. Watching HellBoy the other night and its just so very close to the Lovecraft vision.

I really like the "Baby's First Mythos" that the link to.
This is a great idea. From the horror writer C. J. Henderson, this book teaches your child their ABC’s by way of the Cthulhu Mythos. I haven’t read it yet (my order’s shipping now), but the comments on the book suggest that it’s not just funny, it also informs you about the Mythos. Apparently, they have little poems for each letter. I can’t wait to see how they rhymed “Nyarlthotep”.
Heh. Got to love that.

Oh and if you haven't caught the "Calls for Cthulhu" videos give it a look.

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