Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Shutterbuggin'

Been feeling like I was hit by a car all day. Still went out for a bit with the camera, though I didn't go anywhere too impressive. I go walking along the Merrimack river periodically where there is the remnants of a canal system that was used to bypass a set of shallow rapids on the river. Interesting place.

Here's a bit of the canal that you can actually tell is man-made.
That grassy strip up the middle is what is left of the wall and the canal was to the right. I don't know if this was just a cleared section where the mules were used to draw boats up the river or if there was a lock of some sort. I don't see any real evidence of a lock, so I'm thinking it was just a deeper stretch with an adjacent tow path for pulling boats around the shallows.

I have other pictures, but it's hard to tell anything without standing there and seeing it up close.

I did take a couple pictures of my bonsai as well. They are a bit hairy from the summer, but their color is nice and with a bit more work I think they'll turn into something decent.

Wish I had more time for this. Well and space. It's about the only way I can have a garden of any sort to play with. I have others, but these look nice at the moment. The bottom one needs some restraint and wiring to get it better shaped. It's not nearly dense enough either, but it seems to be resisting my efforts to force it into a more dense canopy. The top one had some serious issues this spring when it started leaving out in February while I was in Florida on business. It looks to have recovered for the most part.

Hmm. Makes me think that sushi is on the menu for supper.

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