Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Obama and the Kingdom of Heaven

Hmm. Just taking this one sentence out makes me ponder:
The senator from Illinois delivered his campaign message to a multiracial evangelical congregation in traditionally conservative Greenville, South Carolina. "I think it's important, particularly for those of us in the Democratic Party, to not cede values and faith to any one party," Obama told reporters outside the Redemption World Outreach Center where he attended services.

"I think that what you're seeing is a breaking down of the sharp divisions that existed maybe during the '90s," said Obama. "At least in politics, the perception was that the Democrats were fearful of talking about faith, and on the other hand you had the Republicans who had a particular brand of faith that oftentimes seemed intolerant or pushed people away."

Obama said he was pleased that leaders in the evangelical community such as T.D. Jakes and Rick Warren were beginning to discuss social justice issues like AIDS and poverty in ways evangelicals were not doing before.

"I think that's a healthy thing, that we're not putting people in boxes, that everybody is out there trying to figure out how do we live right and how do we create a stronger America," Obama said.

He finished his brief remarks by saying, "We're going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth."

Umm. What to say to that? I recall that the kingdom on earth was after the apocalypse. Well, I'm of the opinion that the Mayan's may have had it right when they predicted that the world would end in 2012. That will be the last year of the next presidential term. Though I was betting it was more likely that Hillary would be the bringer of the end times.

Or does he mean a literal kingdom?

Heh, who knows?

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