Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Brit I work with asked if I had a chestnut tree nearby. I asked why and he stated "It's that time of year for conkers." Apparently it's a kid's game.
  1. Take a large, hard conker and drill a hole through it using a nail, gimlet, or small screwdriver. (This may be done by an adult on behalf of the contestant.) Thread a piece of string through it about 25 cm long. Often a shoelace is used. Tie a large knot at one or both ends of the string, so that the conker will not slide off when swung hard.
  2. Find an opponent. It is to your advantage if you can find an opponent with a conker smaller and softer than yours.
  3. Take turns hitting each other's conker using your own. If you break your opponent's conker, you gain a point. To do this one player lets the conker dangle on the full length of the string while the other player hits. To hit, hold the string in one hand with the conker held above it in the other hand, then swipe at the opponent's conker, letting go of your own nut but keeping hold of the string.
Just too funny.

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