Sunday, October 14, 2007

Obama the Next Jemma?

This got me to laugh.
The Democratic nominee looks likely to be either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Hillary is furiously triangulating (it's a family tradition), criticizing Obama for saying he'd meet with the Iranian mullahs and then saying she would, voting for a hawkish resolution on Iran then cosponsoring a dovish one. But even Bill's triangulation got him only 43 percent of the vote in 1992 and 49 percent in 1996--and in terms of political skills, Hillary's no Bill. Obama, for his part, seems no more experienced in dealing with serious affairs of state than Jimmy Carter did in 1975. Obama could conceivably follow in Carter's footsteps and get the nomination--but America learns from her mistakes.
Now that isn't very nice, though it does sound fairly accurate.

Then there is:
That's partly because the GOP nominee will be stronger than Gerald Ford (with all due respect to the memory of that decent man, who would have been a better president than Carter). While a half-term senator and a one-term senator fight it out for the Democratic nomination, the GOP candidates include an experienced senator who's a war hero, the most successful political chief executive in recent times, an impressive businessman/governor, and a canny lawyer/senator/actor with Washington experience and a nice, middle-American background and manner.
Yeah, none of which gives one any sense that they will actually be fiscally conservative nor respectful of individual rights. I've had nausea similar to what I felt in 2000. I keep hearing the talk, but none of them is what I even remotely see as the clear choice.

I have to say, nothing Kristol provides here is a reason to cheer up.

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