Monday, September 03, 2007

Unions Coming to Ruin a Company Near You

This article gives some worrisome insight on where Unions are trying to go and with the dems towing the line again, it's time to be worried.
Take a recent story from The New York Times, which could easily have been published decades ago. Union officials are petitioning the federal government’s labor board to re-allow “minority unionism.”

This scheme would force businesses — small or large — to deal with any number of employees who want to be represented by unions, even if a majority of employees don’t want the union in their workplace.

Think this development isn’t a big deal? Think again.

The union game plan is to organize employees in an area that is highly leveraged for power, like cooks in a restaurant’s kitchen. The idea is to organize the group, bargain to impasse, and then walk off the job (while being able to provide wage-replacement benefits for just a few people). Anyone familiar with labor relations can envision how the rest of the scenario plays out.

Doesn't sound like this would be any real benefit to the workers. It's definitely a power play. Can't win by fair means, then get some unfair legislation through and force yourself on those that don't want you. Unions may want to consider this as well, at some time in the future the government will change and your supportive laws will disappear.

This one is bothersome as well:
The biggest rule change of all would be the passage of the ridiculously misnamed Employee Free Choice Act.

Few voters have heard of it, and that’s just the way labor leaders want it.

After all, who would want to advertise the fact that they are holding a political gun to candidates’ heads to end the practice of people voting their union sympathy (or lack of it) in private? If politicians — especially Democrats — don’t drink the Kool-Aid, they will be denied their chance to gorge on a feast of forced dues dollars.

Given this below-the-radar campaign, it’s not surprising that most people don’t know that union bosses have shoved this atrocity through the House and received majority approval to move forward on the Senate floor. The other shoe drops if a Democrat is elected president in 14 months. All the leading candidates have pledged passage of this law and a newly elected president will have many cards to play with a new Congress.

Union officials are willing to take extreme measures to push this terrible bill precisely because they see it as a magical elixir to cure labor’s pains. They seem to be in denial of their real problem: few people want to buy their “services.”

I wouldn't join a Union, because frankly they play in politics of which I disapprove. If they stuck with their core message it would be one thing, but these guys are far from being intelligent players on the overall scope of where this country is going. Sadly their narrow focus causes them to support initiatives that their membership doesn't and that frankly is wrong. The bill would be more appropriately named Employee Lack of Choice Act.

Don't believe me, well look here.
Facing declining membership, union officials have turned to a highly questionable practice of organizing new members through a process called “card check.” With card checks, paid union organizers try to persuade workers to sign cards saying that they favor union representation. This persuasion is documented as frequently including deception, coercion, and harassing visits to workers’ homes.
No doubt that not all unions play this game, but if this bill is passed they will be able to. Don't like what they union is doing, well, you best shut up or they'll just make you sign that old loyalty oath, again, and then the dirty dealings get harsher. Not that there has ever been any illegal activities in labor unions.

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