Saturday, September 29, 2007

People of the Gun

Yeah, Not much posting as of late, but I'm putting too much time in at work and even now I'm just breaking from my test plan generation to write this. You should start reading with the SayUncle link.

Not sure exactly where it starts, but I saw the link to SayUncle at Bruce's leading me to Jeff at Alphecca.

I probably should participate. Though I'll need some more time to get the photo done.

Uncle in his comments made me feel guilty, so I bought a couple of shirts. Look pretty good, though for me these are highly work unfriendly.

More to the point, this is about debate. That is really evident from SayUncle's post. Gunners in the blogsphere for the most part are quite willing to participate in discussion and send you to the facts. Something that has evidently ruined the GunGrabbers attempts at unreasoned discourse.

One thing I haven't seen often in all this debate though has been triggering me to research. I am a bit low on the discussions on how to stem the societal violence for which guns are so often blamed. I guess I'm going to go into one of those cycles of reading and buying books. I did it with the screeching about the Iraq counterinsurgency which was constantly being called a failure. (Went through 10+ books on the subject to come to the conclusion that those screaming failure don't have a clue. Not that they are just uninformed, but they really don't have a clue and don't want one.)

Any suggestions on reading on the topic would be appreciated.

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