Saturday, September 29, 2007

Duck Soup

Got a telephoto lens, and didn't see anything exceptional.

Well, I took some photos none the less.
Seems these were the only guys hanging out other than the ducks.

Seems there were a lot of them about, but they kept taking off from a long ways away. Probably getting nervous due to hunting season being near.

I suppose I'll need to find some place else for a subject. This area is nice and quiet generally though. That's why I go there to walk. That and the fact that the area is pretty large so I can go for a long walk.

This one is neat as I just snapped if off. The water really makes the leaf stand out strong.

This tree also is loud.

Not sure why it is so far ahead of the rest of the trees, but it is pretty.

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BobG said...

The one of the leaf in the water is great. I also liked the turtles, since we don't have any in Utah.