Saturday, September 22, 2007

Camera Play

Yeah, no link, just pictures. Click on the photo to get the full size shot. Most of these are quite large.

Here's the first one. If you're a hunter you know this was a great shot.

I know. You can't see much, but he's right in the middle of the photo. If you can't pick him out, I'd suggest you don't bother hunting. I only got one shot due to the Flash. It slows down the multi-shot option to a huge extent, and the woods where I saw him were a bit dark.

Then there is this cheeky bastard. I took this photo as soon as I saw him. Well actually I walked up about 20 more feet and then took it. I didn't want to completely miss getting the photo.

I thought he'd be much more nervous, but I essentially just walked up to him. I cut this one out of another photo I took while I was standing looking at him. He's friggin' huge. Head to the start of his tail, he had to be 3 feet long. He didn't seem to care much that I was there until I got close.

He dove in when I was about 6 feet from him and said "hello." Then he proceeded to swim around and around for a while.

There was another one, but I never got close enough for anything but a really far photo.

It's obviously starting to enter the fall season. Some stuff is starting to change color, though I have a feeling that has more to do with the dry weather we had at the end of the summer. Still pretty crispy in the woods. Here's a picture of a pond I showed full of water in the middle of the summer.

No water at all. As a matter of fact, you can see that meant that the local ATV imbeciles have decided it's someplace else they can drive around. Amazing the amount of stupidity that these people will stoop to.

The upper dammed areas are obviously still full. Just getting lower.

It was fun taking the photos. I guess I learned from the GeeqWhyph that you just go out there and just take a lot of pictures and dump what you don't like later. I never got anywhere near filling my 2Gig of memory.

I didn't get any good photos of the hawk that was flying around, nor would the turkeys stick around for a family photo. I did get a photo of a shikpoke, but he was too far away, and you can't make him out at all. I think I need to find a larger telephoto lens.


geekwife said...

Nice pics. Looks like you got pretty close to the deer. Or did he get close to you?

And did you talk to the beaver like you did at the Quabbin?

Nylarthotep said...

Quabbin was otters. Never heard beavers say anything.

I think I walked up on him. He was already frozen when I noticed him and took the picture.